Are You Searching for
Relief of Painful Thoughts or Feelings?

Online Sessions Available

  • Would you like to experience a unique and playful way to free yourself of anxiety or trauma?

Lasting Change means you feel a shift in the very first session -- knowing that something has been released and you feel lighter and brighter.
- Permission to Heal -

We can CODE your mind for more emotional well-being. Additionally, we can clear harsh memories from the past so they don't trigger you anymore.

Let's reset your mind to stay fully present - without worry of the future.

Let's “change the channel!"
You've already discovered what's problematic.
We do more than talk about it ~ we rewire how your brain functions using neuroplasticity and hypnotherapy to RECODE the Subconscious Mind.

You can feel better and experience lasting change. There's no need to re-live painful memories.
Together we can shift how you feel, think and act in any situation.

“Celeste showed me how to release painful emotions from my past that no longer served me or my highest good. She's trustworthy, brings forth clarity and integrity into her work - and has a great sense of humor.

I have done talk therapy in the past with no results, but after working with Celeste for one session - I had a breakthrough -- the change in me feels permanent and amazing.”


Ready for Positive Results?

With ARM, I can help you get quick and lasting results for your clients too.

Now more than ever, the evolution of our connection to an inner peace is the antidote to a busy mind and stress-filled world.