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  • Did you know that habitual thinking or distressing feelings can be disengaged or reprogrammed without much effort on your part?

No one wakes up saying "I'd love to have some anxiety today"
- You can use these tools to switch that off.

I mentor my clients and mental health practitioners with tools that increase emotional well-being by clearing any harsh material or effects from the past. I'm inspired by the quickness and adaptability of the human brain.

I see too many people feeling bad that they don't know how to get better though they've been working on themselves.

Because the human mind is highly suggestible, we can effectively “change the channel” on any outdated thoughts, emotions or behaviors that are problematic in your life.

You can feel better without having to relive painful memories.
Whatever triggers you we can shift with the best of neuroscience techniques, getting you grounded and back to your best self.

“Celeste showed me how to release dead emotions from my past that no longer served me or my highest good. She's trustworthy, brings forth clarity and integrity into her work - and has a great sense of humor.

I have done talk therapy in the past with no results, but after working with Celeste for one session - I had a breakthrough.”



With ARM, I can help you get quick and lasting results for your clients too.

Now more than ever, the evolution of our connection to an inner peace is the antidote to a busy mind and stress-filled world.