Unleash the Power of Subconscious Mind for Change

  • Did you know that 95{51f8abb4a37f1d5fc8c2c28d85a4d89b59174b0601e58d36818ec05f541c6622} of what goes on with you is influenced by your subconscious mind?
  • Did you know that most change processes leave out the most powerful part of the mind?

This powerful 2-day retreat will allow you to access the powerful assistance of your subconscious mind.

Ready to increase your confidence using RRT?

This coaching call (via Zoom) is a safe container for RRT trained clinicians/ therapists to ask questions and get answers to help you in your practice and give you more to offer your clients.

For new-ishly trained therapists/practitioners,your case studies will be a priority in an inclusive, playful and grounding format.

Discussions and emphasis will include:

  • how to facilitate accelerators,
  • how to structure your sessions,
  • choosing your words to benefit your target,
  • tracking client arousal regulation,
  • making mind education easy and fun for you and the client,
  • pain reduction,
  • mind-body scripts and
  • understanding how strategic “suggestion” can increase your client’s transformation.

We will have 4 coaching calls this Fall in Sept and Oct.

The first is SEPT 6th and it’s a sampler (free). You must register for it. Here’s the info!

Sampler Call: Wed, Sept. 6th, 9am MDT / 11am Eastern 


WEDNESDAYSSept. 20 & 27Oct. 11 & 25

Calls will be recorded and emailed to you.

Worksheets, Bibliography and Related Articles included.

We will be PRACTICING in the best way POSSIBLE.


Looking for 10 Newly trained RRT Therapists/ Practitioners  who are EAGER and EXCITED LEARNERS ~  and ready for more ease using RRT.

$45/each — or $150 for all 4 coaching calls by Sept 13th.

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Playshop for Women

We are the only species that worries about what has already happened or what may happen in the future. When we experience repetitive thoughts or feelings, we also have increased anxiety and stress.

In this PLAYshop, we explore the naturally occurring mind and body changes that invite new possibilities. Playfulness, creativity, imagination, humor and storytelling are the languages that open us to deep healing and joy.

This two-part series will include body centered therapeutic yoga, breathing exercises, guided imagery, mindfulness techniques and innovative deep-brain play to invite a positive internal shift.

$80 for both sessions

To Register: dewestyoga@gmail.com or 303.818.2169

Celeste Labadie is a brain-change coach using (fun!) bottom-up processes to clear problematic memories, thoughts and emotions. She is a Rapid Relief psychotherapist and a PACT trained couple therapist.

De West is a certified yoga therapist and inspires her students to access play through exploration and discovery of the mind-body connection. She guides participants through simple exercises that alleviate stress through conscious relaxation.