“A reaction pattern that had been ingrained in me for years disappeared in 3 sessions. Nada. Gone. I can sense a trigger in the distance now and flick it away like I do a fly. I was astounded that the process began so swiftly and was completed so swiftly. I am so grateful for this efficient and intelligent technique.”


“This process shattered the cobwebs of thought that consumed my mind. Fear, doubt and anxiety lightened tremendously and I noticed I could breathe more deeply and easier. I came out feeling like a different person—more relaxed and centered. Mental blocks no longer paralyze me. Working with Celeste is magical.”


“My session with Celeste was an extraordinary journey of transformation around a long-held block in my work. The process felt deep, respectful, playful, surprising and deeply significant. I left the session so much lighter, clearer and more confident.”


“My session had the same effect acupuncture does for me. I felt an instant and lasting calm in mind and body”


For Highly Sensitive People

Are you an HSP?

Would you like to understand that sensitivity actually is your strength?

Or maybe you’re wondering if you, or someone close to you, may be an HSP?

Highly Sensitive People represent up to 20% of the general population and is NOT a gender-based trait.

HSP’s possess a unique sensory processing trait that allows them to pick up more on subtleties in the environment. Because of this sensitivity, HSP’s may become overwhelmed very easily, absorb other people’s emotions, or have difficulty navigating mainstream culture’s expectations.

As an HSP, I can help you navigate this trait and provide you with a strengths-based approach so you can feel confident in how to handle everyday situations so you can harness this super power in all areas of your life.

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