“A reaction pattern that had been ingrained in me for years disappeared in 3 sessions. Nada. Gone. I can sense a trigger in the distance now and flick it away like I do a fly. I was astounded that the process began so swiftly and was completed so swiftly. I am so grateful for this efficient and intelligent technique.”


“This process shattered the cobwebs of thought that consumed my mind. Fear, doubt and anxiety lightened tremendously and I noticed I could breathe more deeply and easier. I came out feeling like a different person—more relaxed and centered. Mental blocks no longer paralyze me. Working with Celeste is magical.”


“My session with Celeste was an extraordinary journey of transformation around a long-held block in my work. The process felt deep, respectful, playful, surprising and deeply significant. I left the session so much lighter, clearer and more confident.”


“My session had the same effect acupuncture does for me. I felt an instant and lasting calm in mind and body”