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The Anxiety Relief Method


Experience an effective, efficient and inspiring process.

Positive Results may include:

Clearing emotional memories including physical or psychological trauma

Resolving relationship triggers, limiting beliefs or stuck patterns

Work through anger, frustration, guilt, shame, regret or unworthiness

Clear panic, racing heart, fear or phobias in the subconscious mind

Dissolve grief, sadness, rumination or fear of the future

Expanded creativity, motivation and confidence

Removing obsessive thoughts or impulsive behaviors

Restful Sleep, waking up refreshed, decreased physical pain

Dialing Down Worry, Fear and the Inner Critic

You’re probably sick of hearing critical or unwanted thoughts in your head. You’ve tried so many things and it just keeps happening.

Perhaps you’re wanting real solutions to turn off the racing heart or other physical sensations caused by anxiety.

Or you’re tired of the instant eruptions of anger, fear or worry that have you acting in ways that cause problems in your life.

If you’re looking for things to get better without having to tell your life story to another therapist (and possibly feel bad about it all again), then you’re in the right place.

Welcome. The Anxiety Relief Method is the solution. I want to reassure you that my way of helping is different than what you may have experienced in traditional talk therapy.

I look at what’s been happening for you as a response from outdated programs running in the background. Even your computer will stop running efficiently if you have a bunch of browsers and programs running at the same time.

It’s my job to turn off the stuff that triggers anxiety, worry and symptoms associated with PTSD. Whether it’s anxiety as thoughts that rule your day or bodily responses that feel out of your control, I help your brain to stop sending those signals.

You are not making yourself have anxiety. It’s the brain (or the limbic, primitive part of your brain) that sends up anxiety in the form of thought, feeling or sensation.

It’s all part of the protective brain thinking it’s helping you out. To get you away from a perceived threat.

Think of it as “subconscious impressions” of past experiences that activate a response known as the fight, flight or freeze response.


Traditional talk therapy works with the prefrontal cortex, the conscious part of your mind. Unfortunately, “top-brain” discussions won’t update or change what your subconscious mind is managing for you.

If talking about problems and worries with friends could cure anxiety and the effects of trauma, we’d have a lot less anxiety as a whole. We could all read a self-help book right? But that’s also a conscious mind (only) activity.

In essence, we need to do more than talk about what’s been happening or has happened.

So let’s look at the Subconscious Mind, or the emotional primitive areas of the brain, as HIGHLY CHANGEABLE: Like a computer that needs an software update. Or like a tree that needs some old limbs trimmed because they drain the tree of vital energy.

The Anxiety Relief Method is designed to effectively treat the symptoms from where they begin. In the bottom part of the brain’s structure where symptoms arise from. We can shut down programs, install a new software or kindly trim the tree so you experience more well-being, less stress, and a renewed sense of empowered presence.

I’ll take you through the process and together we will clear and adjust problematic feelings or thoughts while you remain calm and at ease. We will optimize your brain and get you pointed in the most beneficial direction so you can thrive in all areas of your life.

“A reaction pattern that had been ingrained in me for years disappeared in 3 sessions. Nada. Gone. I can sense a trigger in the distance now and flick it away like I do a fly. I was astounded that the process began so swiftly and was completed so swiftly. I am so grateful for this efficient and intelligent technique.” – K.P.


My Highest Intention for You:

For you to live an Empowered, Exciting and Confident life. To give you a sense of control and positivity. For you to make decisions with ease and show up with an inner resourcefulness. To optimize your mind so it works for you.

Because you’re ready to…

  1. Be Free of emotional triggers from your past.
  2. Move forward without the negative self-talk or critical mind chatter.
  3. Try something where you WILL NOT Re-Live you past or feel crappy during or afterwards.
  4. Eliminate unwanted thoughts or behaviors that are self-destructive or create self-sabotage.

You can expect to experience …

A positive and noticeable effect in the first session.

Feeling lighter, less critical about yourself and more hopeful.

More ease, peace and self-trust inside.

Techniques that release triggering thoughts and emotions.

Connection to Your Own Wisdom and increased creativity.

Waking up feeling refreshed and free of Anxiety.


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“This process shattered the cobwebs of thought that consumed my mind. Fear, doubt and anxiety lightened tremendously and I noticed I could breathe more deeply and easier. I came out feeling like a different person—more relaxed and centered. Mental blocks no longer paralyze me. Working with Celeste is magical.” – S.M.

“My session with Celeste was an extraordinary journey of transformation around a long-held block in my work. The process felt deep, respectful, playful, surprising and deeply significant. I left the session so much lighter, clearer and more confident.” – T.B.